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"I have been reading on my train ride to work and I have been filled with the spirit all day. It's real, it's authentic, it's true" --Priscilla 

Fall 2018

What you will Learn

  • The Purpose of Proclamation
  • This Means War
  • The Power of Proclamation
  • Belief Dictates Behavior
  • The Practice of Proclamation
  • Live the Believer's Proclamation everyday

You Are a Child of God

Proclaim who you are in Christ and what God can do through you!

Reserve Your Copy Today!!! You Are A Child Of God-Walking in Faith, Favor, and a Future that is out of this world, is a declaration for all who determine in their heart to proclaim who they are in Christ and what God can do through them.

 God has already written a proclamation of destiny over you before you were even born. (Ecclesiastes 6:10). The Believers Proclamation aligns your belief with God's expectation.

Accept the challenge today to become the Child of God He has called you to be and proclaim it everyday!

What You will Get

Pre-Publication Package $16.95

  • Hard Cover Copy
  • You Are a Child of God E-Devotional
  • One Free Child of God Bible Study VidCast of your Choice